Stability Vital for Papua New Guinea

by The Patriot

July 28, 2016

In this commentary, I will discuss how social responsibility can either promote or sabotage the ongoing vision currently implemented by the government.

The content of this article is to remind our readers who are easily persuaded by individuals, groups and associations that spread animosity and hate on Facebook Groups and Pages under the context of promoting good governance to change the leadership of the country.

Every government mandated to serve its people in PNG has had to manage a smear campaign that was propagated by persons with a political agenda or affiliation.   The general public, continue to become victims of deception and lies shared on social media. It has become a norm when a government is sworn into parliament, there is always an opposition working to discredit its vision. No one seems to notice that a lot of information uploaded anti-Government Facebook Groups are 20 % truth and 80 % lies.

We were destined to achieve big things in the last 40 years, unfortunately economic prosperity continues to be crippled and plagued by individuals, associations and groups with self-interest and ego. Many successive governments have had to succumb to smear campaign tactics and eventually replaced.

A lot of good things past governments would have achieved for our country did not eventuate because of instability.

Finding Stability in the Midst of Change

In 2012, The Alotau Accord was signed in Milne Bay Province by over 90 MPs to form the current government coalition aimed at delivering on millennium development goals (MDGs) and incorporated into the PNG Vision 2050. Its aim is to grow all sectors of the economy.

We must learn to give credit where its due. The PNC led government contributed immensely to various health, education, sports, communications, agriculture, infrastructure development on schools & roads, and also financial investment portfolios in the country.

We can accept or disregard negative content shared on social media. It is important as to whether we allow PNC and its coalition partners to complete a full term in parliament, or join the hate campaign to discredit the hard work that ongoing or achieved.

Therefore, when we join closed groups on Facebook, we have a responsibility to contribute meaningfully and fairly as members without succumbing to biased opinion.

Individuals who misinform people are dangerous. We cannot allow ourselves to believe ill researched and biased content disseminated on social media by authors with no political experience and leadership quality.

We must be wary of any intending candidates who share content aimed to discredit MPs in parliament.

We must also note that our people are accustomed to expectations in life, which has been an integral part of our culture for many years. For example, we expect our in-laws to pay bride price. We expect compensation payments by those who offend or hurt us. We expect our elders to represent us during family and community events.

We expect this government to do everything for us.  We fail to realise the enormity and sacrifice our PM goes through every single day. He has to juggle between his office responsibilities, political parties, ministerial portfolios, the public service and international trade and bilateral relations.

It is his prerogative to do so on a daily basis because every meeting with an individual(s) on matters of national importance requires collaboration on achieving something.  Every government needs partners to deliver on its goals.

Many times, we do not realize how we are part of the equation in helping to support the government in our own little ways.

We would rather sit and watch government partners in Ausaid, JICA, UNDP, WHO, UNICEF including diplomatic corps do all the work on behalf of us.

Public servants work to ensure vital services are rendered in the rural parts of the country. Religious groups or representatives lead out in church programs to help educate our people on Christian values and principles. NGOs in country co-ordinate and manage workshops on literacy, financial inclusion, community development and gender based issues. Sports Administrative bodies promote sporting codes and manage development sporting programs in our schools and communities with aim to empower our young generation through community initiatives. Families are also partners, and instil values at home. Teachers are also considered partners that help educate future leaders, businessmen and women, public servants, civil servants, sports ambassadors, foreign diplomats, teachers, religious instructors and also responsible citizens in society.

It is our job to influence our peers and those around us to be thinkers and respect our government at all times. This government is working to ensure aging infrastructure is maintained. We then accused them on exuberant building and maintenance costs because we believed information disseminated on social media that targeted certain companies, including the PM. The government continues to strengthen its bilateral ties with international partners and neighbour countries. We then label them as thieves for stealing and wasting taxpayers’ money.

Our government continues to roll out free education and we complain about the shortage in job opportunities. We expect so much but and offer little or even worse, nothing at the end of the day as partners in helping the national government.

There is still a lot of work to be done in the rural areas, however we will sit and complain. This government can and will do so, if we allow them to continue without disruption.

In the last 15 years, we experienced over 8 % growth despite the down turn on global commodities that affected the trading of our kina against the US dollar in 2016.

We accused our government of reckless spending, yet fail to understand a simple business principle that if we are to grow, we must take financial risks to grow our investment portfolios.

Here’s an example; a customer purchases a brand new vehicle at the car dealer. Prior to the purchase, the customer is persuaded by a family member, or friend on the best brand to buy. The customer obviously would have done his or her own homework on what brand suits his or her needs. All brand new vehicles have warranty and pass assurance quality tests to be road worthy.

The lesson to be learnt from such a scenario is how an opinion is only an opinion, and not a fact.

People will use facts and figures to persuade our decision, however we cannot believe everything  posted on various Facebook groups.

Between January and June this year, unsubstantiated articles were shared about our economy facing bankruptcy, which never eventuated. Many of these ‘wardrobe’ scholars do not understand the complexity on how financial markets operate and how economic models are built to sustain loan repayments, as vital investments for our country.

Our decisions can either support individuals and organisations scheming on removing our current PM, or we can simply remove these so called experts on our forums. We must support this government and help it achieve the desired results it set out achieve during the formation in 2012.

We need stability, not instability.



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