BHP Billiton behind Protests 

By Noah Ariku


I do not Condone anything against the rule of law. 

PNG is bigger than any one single person including Peter O’Neill who he is capable of defending himself so I am not speaking for him.

Same time I do not support Mining Giants like BHP manipulating everyone in this nation today like they did to defeat us NGOs and pass the 8 Ok Tedi Supplemental Act over 20 years ago making it illegal for Ok Tedi and Fly River Landowners to sue them for environmental damages.

They did the same to Panguna Mine landowners forcing them to take up their case overseas.

All our mines and petroleum resource extraction projects cannot sue for damages too.

University students. Wake up, you are not fools. What happened to the 122.2 million OTML shares on the day the 10th OK Teki Supplemental Act was gazzatted?

This is a hell of alot of money embezzled through capital flight!!

The Puppet Master has been doing it and wants to continue doing it.

Therefore he must divide and rule PNG.

Wake up! BHP and Rio Tinto are using naive and gullible university students to protect their selfish interest. 
Stupid pea brain politicians are making it all the more worse driven by their self interests.

All this protest and change of government hogwash is not in the interest of PNG but for the capitalist interest of BHP!! 

Wake Up. There is more to it than what you hear or see!!


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